Blogs and KM

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Estimates have blogs growing at the rate of 20,000 every day. Now thats quite a figure. Just imagine if you were able to tap into that vast array of blogs and extract something useful. Then imagine you could do this on a daily basis, would make your life a lot easier wouldnt it?

So what makes them such marvelous information houses? well for one, it can be run by pretty much anyone, a single individual, a group or an organization. A simple layout allows people to collaborate , share presentations and other documents. It’s very well structured, allowing articles to be grouped by specific categories and to top it all of it searchable. Now put a couple of hundred of these together and you get the picture.

A platform thats easy to manage , that can easily be scaled up to meet requirements of any size and the best part, most blogging software is available free of cost and even the ones that arent are resonably inexpensive. Always a bright idea if you can cook up ways of saving your company a couple of bucks.

Individual blogs allow corporates to communicate with their employees, clients, vendors. Putting a human face to the company unlike the memo’s that every corporate employee recieves when something of any significance ( well, most of the time ) occurs.

Blogs at the team level allow much greater collaboration that was possible before, ideas, thoughts and musing can be captured. Information that is generally lost in a large forum of ideas. Simply, they are perfect tools for capturing and harnessing tacit knowledge in the organization.

So, if you’re company hasnt started using blogs you might want to broach the topic to them. Start small, stay internal till you come up with a blogging strategy to maximize the effectiveness of the message and you might just surprise yourself.


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