Its all about the Blog

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Blogs have caused quite a stir since their inception. Now the average joe has the power to reach audiences across the globe, and the best part about it? it doesnt cost a cent!! Even mainstream media is recognizing it’s unprecedented growth and the effect on society at large.

Corporates have slowly started waking up to the huge oppurtunties of this vast means of communication. The main attraction? well, for most companies interacting with their customers, building relationships and getting vital feedback. Not to mention growing their existing business.

The major hurdle faced by most corporates is the lack of a well thought out blogging strategy. A corporate blog is the face of a company, and all it takes is one mistake to wreak untold damage to its image. And so we face the biggest disadvantage of corporate blogging, rules!!

I’ve read a number of articles that tackle how various corporations have overcome hurdles to create an enviroment that facilitates information sharing using blogs, will put down a few in the days to come. Hope you find them interesting.


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