The Knowledge Management Road Map

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Every journey has a start point and a destination, making sure you get to the right destination is the job of a roadmap. To ensure you get to the destination on time, within budget and without accidents you need to make sure you have a damn good roadmap and a plan.

The Roadmap listed below is pretty generic and covers most of the basic features , you’ll find the same set of waypoints in most KM roadmaps that you look at. Customizing them to maximize their benefit to you and your organization is where the actual work comes in.

  1. Stage 1 : Get Started
  2. Stage 2 : Develop a Strategy
  3. Stage 3 : Design and Launch KM initiatives
  4. Stage 4 : Expand and Support
  5. Stage 5 : Institutionalize Knowledge Management

Now on the surface these might seem very vague, and to be truthful they are, i’ll try putting together some pointers on how these stages can be adopted in your organization in future posts. So keep an eye out.


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