Why KM?

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This sounds like a very long article doesnt it?? Well unfortunately it isnt ( i’m being presumptous here ). Corporates understand numbers, as do we. If you arent going to get anything out of it why bother? Thats the attitude most of us take when it comes to doing anything. Quite true, if you are planning to put your sweat and blood ( a little exaggeration ) into something you’d better get something worthwhile out of it. So what makes you think corporates dont have the same attitude?

Simple figures :

Company : Ford

Target Value Proposition : Operational Excellence , create a more affordable business structure.

Approach : Communities of Practice, Best practice replication process

Results : In less than 6 years , 15000 ideas submitted , value realized ? over $1 billion.

Company : Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

Target Value Proposition : Faster revenue growth, lower costs.

Approach : CoP’s, central KM Managers, content management.

Results : 10 fold increase in revenue with only 5 fold increase in employees.

Company : Schlumberger

Target Value Proposition : Operational efficiency and service delivery to clients, Knowledge sharing culture.

Approach : CoP’s, InTouch, service desks, content management, SME teams.

Results : $200 million revenue created / saved , 95% reduction in technical query resolution. Annual investment of approx $50 million.

Still unconvinced??


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