Building a successful blog

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Blogging has become the cornerstone of information distribution for most people around the world. It allows you to get your ideas and views out to the entire world, and in some cases lay the seed for very interesting debates.

Creating a blog is the easiest thing in the world, unless you want to host it on a dedicated domain there are hundreds of sites out there that offer free blog services. The advantages of this are 2 fold. You get to save on money and more importantly become a member of an large family of bloggers.

So how do you build a successful blog? Well, the fundementals are simple Content, Content, Content. Unless you have decent content on your site you can be sure you’ll fail even before you get started. Now, that we have that sorted out ( we are under the assumption that you do have decent content for this blog of yours ) we’ll tackle the issues that will take your blog to the next level, gaining visibility.

Leave Comments :

Leaving comments is part of the foundation for starting a blog community. Most bloggers would be happy to respond to your questions, only if you are sincere. Do not use comments as a way of increasing the traffic on your site, that will happen gradually. Meaningful discourse is the target here.

Trackbacks :

A trackback is a mechanism that allows bloggers to keep track of which blogs have commmented on their articles and if those articles have influenced other blogs. It’s a great way to start a community and get bloggers to read each others blogs. The plus point about this is that it helps in increasing the traffic flowing to your blog, which lets face it isnt altogether a bad thing.

Tags :

Tags make it easy to navigate a blog and find what you’re looking for. Tags are category names and people can select keywords for their posts. Usually you will see keyword names on the side navigation of a blog. It is also helps the you, the blogger as it helps to organize your blog and eventually your thoughts. Creating a structured layout is very useful to your visitors as it gives them a lot more information to go through, information they might have missed if not for the tags.

The single biggest blunder bloggers can make?? Not updating your content regularily enough. This is a sure way to lose readers on your site as most users ( if they’ve decided your blog is interesting ) expect new content on a regular basis. So keep this in mind, losing readers are a lot easier than gaining new ones.


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