KM ? Huh ?

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Knowledge Management, a term that i have tried many a time to define. Yet very few people outside the KM community actually comprehend. To be honest it is rather difficult to explain to the average person what it is we try to accomplish in the field. Managing knowledge? how on earth do you do that ? are one amongst the many questions i have to field everytime i describe my profile to someone So for all of you out there who’ve battled with trying to define KM, here is a story ( a fable rather ) that defines what we do and how we do it extremely well.

Kudos to the people who put together this fable, even though i’ve read a number of articles on KM this is still one of those that i’d like to read over and over again. Getting back to basics, thats what its all about.


4 Responses to KM ? Huh ?

  1. sudha s says:

    it was a pleasure to read the story……….it brilliantly summarizes what i could not do n my five years in KM

  2. Arjun Thomas says:

    Quite true, which is reason i decided to have this posted here. A large percentage of the articles you find on KM are theoretical in nature, and you really need to have a vested interest if you want to really comprehend the subject. I’ve talked to a number of KM practitioners. KM strategy comes a lot easier than implementation, this is one area where a “by the book” approach never seems to work.

    – Appreciate the comment!

  3. Arjun, Sudha –

    Thanks for the nice feedback on “Ivory Tower”. Glad that you found it of interest. You may find more items of interest on my blog site at I am posting on a range of topics, mostly around KM. You may also be interested to know that I regularly speak at conferences in Singapore, KL and Australia.

    – Keith.

  4. Arjun Thomas says:


    Will keep an eye out for more interesting KM articles on your blog, thanks for the story. Really an eye opener for the average person.

    Please feel free to comment on my other posts if it so interests you.


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