Microsoft Knowledge Network

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Microsoft KN was started with the sole objective of tapping the tacit knowledge of an organization. Designed to complement the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server ( MOSS ) the knowledge network determines who an expert is and defines a social structure of all employees.

KN has 2 components, a client side application that resides on the users desktop that actually does the “Analysis” and a server component running on MOSS 2007 that collates all the information.

Figuring out what you’re expertise is, who your contacts are and so forth by mining information in your email box is the job of the client app. After completing the mining operation the KN client app suggest keywords and contacts that define you role in the organization. You can add/modify / delete the information here before its sent for to the server.

The client application also allows you to target folders in your outlook so that you have greater control over which areas the application is allowed to search and analyse.

Once your profile information is published to the server, when your colleagues use SharePoint Server’s search facility to try to find someone with a particular area of expertise or particular contacts, the KN server responds to the query with personalized results that are displayed according to social distance and inferred relationship strengths, which were calculated by algorithms developed at Microsoft.

Keep your eye open for more information on this, somehow i think this is going to be of huge use to the corporate world.


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