Wiki’s in SharePoint 2007 – Part 2

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My last post introduced you to Wiki’s in Sharepoint 2007 ( MOSS 2007 ). I have since had the time to explore this feature in greater detail, and to be honest was very impressed by what i discovered. I was a little apprehensive about the wiki feature for the simple reason that being part of the Sharepoint platform might have encouraged over-engineering. However aside for the rich text editor ( which makes the process of adding content that much easier ) the basic layout and functionality of the wiki hasnt changed. So if you are a contributor on Wikipedia you needn’t worry.

The major benefit for corporates of having Wiki as a part of the new Sharepoint Portal is two-fold. The first obviously is that now corporates have the ability to tap into and facilitate the creation of information using tacit knowledge. The second is making use of Sharepoint features like security controls allows them to impose a greater level of control that doesn’t exist in wiki’s like Wikipedia ( a thought that scares them half to death i’m sure ).

So what does Sharepoint allow you to do with the wiki?

  • Wiki pages can be created under any group or library , if for example you have a particularly interesting post on your Blog ( Another new feature of MOSS 2007 ) you could spin this off into a Wiki and have other people collaborate on it.
  • Permissions can be set at a page level, which means you can restrict which pages other users have acces to within the wiki structure ( something i havent heard off in most other wiki’s )
  • You can also add Meta-data to your wiki pages, as with any other document library. So you can showcase pictures ( for eg ).
  • You can also set e-mail alerts on your Wiki pages.

It also offers other features than we’ve come to expect from all Wiki’s :

  • Interlinking / Creating new pages using double brackets ( [[ ]] ).
  • History tracking of the document. The added advantage here is that being incorporated on the Sharepoint platform you can actually pull the persons contact information of the exchange server.
  • Lastly, versioning and reverts of wiki pages.

If you are interested in the product i’d suggest downloading a free version and experimenting with it.


13 Responses to Wiki’s in SharePoint 2007 – Part 2

  1. Andy May says:

    We have been piloting the use of Wikis quite heavily within our internal MOSS 2007 pilot, and although your points above about flexibility and ease are true, we’ve discovered two annoying functional holes (especiaslly for people who’ve used other wiki-based KM products in the past).

    Firstly, the fact that there are no templates for wiki pages. In other words, the fact that when you create a new wiki page in MOSS all yiu ever ger presented with is the default blank page. When you consider the amount of work which MS have done on this in the documeht library space (with Content Types etc) this seems a strange omission.

    Secondly the use of metadata to categorise/classify wiki postings. Certainly you can add custom columns to the wiki library and they do show up at the bottom of the post (albeit in a rather bold and clunky fashion) but they aren’t usable as filters or active links, Again compare this to the “categories” fucntion within the blog template, and you see how this feature could have worked (and does work in a number of the other non-MS wiki products).

    All in all, not too bad, but MOSS 2007 wiki still very much has the feeling of a v1.0 product release.

  2. Arjun Thomas says:

    We’ve just started experimenting with the wiki feature of MOSS 2007, and you’re right this does have a feeling of a v1.0 product. I’m just glad Microsoft has woken up to the power of wiki’s and blogs in the corporate sphere.

    Thanks for the comment though. Would love to hear more about what work your team is doing with MOSS 2007.

  3. […] thats available on MOSS 2007 ( Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 ) , You can read them here and […]

  4. David says:

    How do you set page-level permissions in the wiki? We have one setup and I don’t notice that feature anywhere? Must it be enabled somehow? I’d really like to use that feature.

  5. Arjun Thomas says:

    From what i’ve seen in MOSS 2007 you can set permission at a page level. However the process of doing so involves getting into the document level view of the wiki. As you know each wiki page is stored as a HTML file in a document library with the title of your wiki. You need to go to the page you want and then use the “manage permissions” button to direct yourself to the permissions page. By default the wiki inherits the permissions of the parent site.
    Hope this helps…

    – Arjun.

  6. Ross Nelson says:

    has anyone tried doing local links, i.e. a hyperlink to an anchor on the same page with SP 2007 Wiki???? Does anyone know the syntax? I hope it can be done otherwise page level TOC’s and linking wont work and it is pretty limited without this!

    hoping for a revalation


  7. Arjun Thomas says:


    I’ve tried something along those same lines, like i mentioned earlier this seems like a very 1.0 application. A TOC is critical for document level navigation. If someone has managed to overcome this issue would appreciate you posting the solution here..


  8. Stacia says:

    I am also interested in learning if you can link to anchors within a page. Please let me know if this is possible.

  9. Shamir says:

    I tried using anchors. It actually makes a link, even tho the HTML gets “microsofted” in the process and somehow the double quotes around the link disappear. Basically what happens is that it links you to the edit page instead of the anchor in the view page.

    To add the anchors I had to edit the html directly for that page.

    Pretty sad actually.

    If anyone else has tried let me know!

  10. yangxiao says:

    We really need wiki page templates!
    Anybody knows how to customize all the wiki pages?

  11. Daniel says:

    There are some real annoyances in the wiki editor that I have found.

    1. Lack of browse options when inserting either an image or hyperlink (I really can’t believe how they missed that one).

    2. Lack of templates.

    3. Inabaility to paste an image.

  12. Tom says:

    I put together a workaround so that bookmark anchors work on sharepoint 2007 wiki pages. Check it out here:

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