Your KM Strategy

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When do you know its time to move into the second phase of your Knowledge Management Roadmap?

  • If, you have successful initiatives already been conducted at the grassroots level.
  • If, An executive sponsor decides to support KM initiatives.
  • If, You have identified pilots to showcase the benefits of KM.
  • If, A KM steering committee has been put in place.

The points above make a very good case for establishing a KM Strategy in your organization.

The first and most important step is to identify a KM task force. Unless you have a group of people dedicated to designing and implementing KM initiatives, these activities will start taking a back seat.

Create a set of pilots that can effectively be used to promote KM. If there are already grassroot level initiatives being conducted make sure you bring them under the KM umbrella and provide visibility to them.

Once you’ve have a team set up to tackle KM and have identified a couple of pilots start the process of putting together resources to enable the execution of the pilot. This is a very critical phase as even if you have chalked out a comprehensive KM strategy and found a set of pilots that do showcase KM well a mistake in this phase could complete ruin your chances of successful implementation.

An overall KM strategy is built on the success of its pilots, failures in the initial stages could become a huge deterent towards establishing KM an organization wide initiative.


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