MS Wiki Vs Wiki

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Right, i’ve already put up two prior posts on the wiki functionality thats available on MOSS 2007 ( Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 ) , You can read them here and here.

Now while it’s a great thing that Microsoft have finally awoken to the wonder that is the wiki, an in-depth look at the functionality would give an average wiki user the shudders.

While it is true that MS Wiki ( thats what i’m going to call it going forward ) does have a few of the basic features that we’ve come to expect of any wiki, the features it doesn’t have really makes you wonder if this isn’t a 1.0 version that’s been launched on the unsuspecting public.

Being a fan of mediawiki i’ve come to expect that all other wiki’s display the same high standards ( i’m pushing it here i know ) . But basic things like a categories function seem to be missing from the MS Wiki package. Which means that grouping the “articles” you create becomes a logistics nightmare. The only actual wiki feature that microsoft have managed to incorporate into the product is a web based UI and an interlinking feature ( i dont consider versioning a true innovation as its functionality derived off MOSS 2007 ).

So, to sum it up…….. What Microsoft seem to have done is create a web based front end for microsoft word, and slipped in a interlinking system and called it a wiki. Even with the versioning system this is probably the simplest and least effective wiki i have come across ( Please feel free to disagree with me if you’ve seen worse ). I truly hope they plan to move to a “2.0” version quickly, ’cause i dont see people waiting till MOSS ’09.


4 Responses to MS Wiki Vs Wiki

  1. Bob Iliff says:

    I work for a “traditional” Fortune 500, and have really been rattling the bars on why we need wikis. I was (finally) told that SharePoint was coming, and have now looked at some of the online tutorials. What I was struck by is how MS Wiki (your term) seems to subordinate wikis as compilation “editors” to specific Office Documents. Does your team need to make a PowerPoint deck? Open a wiki. Create a Word document? Open a wiki!. I think this is actually very crafty! For an organization such as mine that is Office Document driven, the wiki is just a messy closet sitting (thankfully) somewhere else away from the Document Library. Can it still be useful in these structure? I think so, especially if the document title is: Why we only need the wiki.

  2. Arjun Thomas says:

    You make a good point Bob , and thanks for the response!!. While this is a great first step from microsoft, specially for a “traditional” Fortune 500. I think there is quite a ways to go before Microsoft can fully leverage the power of a Wiki engine.

    Would go a long way towards ensuring that things like PPT’s and documents get created using this application. In my view making collaboration a whole lot easier, i’ve battled with the whole “versioning” of documents on sharepoint… and honestly , this is far more user friendly…

  3. I’m pretty certain that you can achieve a categorization in Sharepoint 2007 by simply content-typing each of the Wiki’s which can enforce (or leave optional) a type specific attribute which you could call ‘Category’. Every wiki then created could have this attribute that could drive all sorts of stuff like categorized views or even audience profiling based upon Wiki categories.

  4. Arjun Thomas says:

    It’s a start. but from what i’ve seen the wiki is actually structured like a document library on sharepoint. Which means you might be able to attach meta-tags to each “article”. Even if this is so, the freedom of being able to define which category your article belongs to , and have a navigation structure based on those categories is not something that is achievable out of the box. We have managed to create some additional functionalities around sharepoint 2007 , but not in the wiki space as yet.

    Bottom line…. i’m still waiting ver 2.0

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